Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Easiest Cake Ever

I'm with Paula Deen... Nothing beats cooking when it's rainy or snowy... Today, I'll take the rain. This shot is from an earlier spring meal in the slow cooker, but it bears a mighty resemblance to our recent feast...
I love coffee.... today's flavor is raspberry/chocolate. Mmmmm..
Mom's oatmeal-raisin cookies are seriously NOT on my diet, but they are kinda special. Also not on my diet is the new cake of choice to bake. It has three ingredients: cake mix, pie filling, and two eggs. That's it. I love chocolate, cherry pie filling cake... It's a black forest without any of the trouble. I made a summery orange, peach pie filling cake that was fresh and wonderful. I have two more to try in upcoming weeks: carrot, raisin or apple pie filling---- and lemon, blueberry pie filling... The cakes need no icing, but you can if you choose. I just dust a pretty sprinkle of powdered sugar over top and serve with whipped cream... it has a moist, almost quick bread consistency. I think baking it in loaf pans would work... It's a very thick batter with no moisture but it isn't dry at all...

Have a fun week. Stay dry and cool (or warm).... and enjoy yourselves.


  1. Oh Gayla, I was not hungry and now I am starving! What a great looking mean in that crock pot! Amazing cake recipe, wow, three ingredients: cake mix, pie filling, and two eggs! I'll be trying that real soon!


  2. Hmmm....I would love the orange/peach combination! We'll have to try that.

    Have a great week.

    Becky K.

  3. Please give us the recipe? They all sound wonderful..