Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Chicken

Doing the usual spiffing for Easter and spring.  The temps teased us a few days with balmy weather, but a week of snow and shivers looms in our forecast.  So I make a spring salad anyway...   2 c. roaster chicken or canned white meat chicken.  grapes, Granny Smith green apple, almonds or walnuts or pecans, any variety of raisin or craisin, a tin of sliced water chestnuts, a small, drained can of chunk pineapple....  Enough Miracle Whip to bind it...  or I use mayo with a tsp. lemon to brighten...  I use whatever of those ingredients I have but the green apple is kind of a "must" in my opinion.


  1. This chicken salad recipe took me right back to an event I co-hosted years ago. It was a purity event for teen girls and we had a tea. This was the recipe we used for the lunch sandwiches(Except I don't remember the apples) and they were so very good!
    Isn't it funny how we associate food with so many different things?

  2. Oh, my! This recipe looks sinful. My husband loves chicken salad with grapes! Thanks so much for posting this recipe :D

  3. Sounds wonderful. I'm making chicken salad for my guests this weekend, I'll try the apple in it!

    (ps- I love your countdown to Cinco De Mayo, that is my birthday!)