Thursday, April 7, 2011

Impromptu Party

 Last Saturday after our drive, we had a little soiree with a friend of mine who had also ridden along through Amish Country.  She purchased this delicious Strawberry Angelfood cake, and I had made some of those

miracle pumpkin/chocolate cake mix muffins 

(seriously, it is just a can of pumpkin and a Devil's Food cake mix.  That's the whole recipe.  It is good for only about 120 calories per muffin.) 

We had a cup of tea and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine...
 Now, can anyone tell me where that spring weather is right now?  It is 40 degrees, cold, and rainy....  Brrr....  Seriously Brrrrrr...
 My phone camera got into some glare with these, but I loved some of the ways the light blended into the coffee cups...

Tomorrow sounds like a good day to cozy in and clean house..  If Mom agrees, we might just cancel all appointments and drives and be domestic mavens...  Who knows for sure?


  1. The sunshine moved over to Germany.
    We will be at 25°C today... no clouds
    at all.


  2. That strawberry angel food cake looks fantastic!

  3. Angel food is a favorite of mine. The muffins sound good too ~
    It's actually warm here in the 80's with lots of humidity. We've had the air conditioner on all week. Yeah, its Spring here!